Baklavas   $3.95

Layers of Fillo Dough with Walnuts, Cinnamon and Honey. A Greek Traditional.


Galaktoboureko   $3.75

Lemon Custard in Fillo Dough with Light Honey Syrup. The longest Greek word.


Rizogalo   $3.25

Rice Pudding with Creamy Sweet Flavor sprinkled with Cinnamon. A Great Afternoon Delight.


Crema Caramele   $4.75

Thick, Smooth Custard with Grand Marnier, Caramelized Better than...


Yiaourti Me Meli   $4.95

Homemade Thick Yogurt topped with Honey and Nuts. Very Nutritious!


Bougatsa   $3.75

Lemony Custard wrapped individually in Fillo Dough with Light Honey Syrup.
[Sundays only]


Milopita   $5.25 - With Cinnamon Ice Cream: $5.25

Cinnamon-Apple and Roasted Almond Pie in Kataif.
Dough with Light Honey Syrup


Ravani   $3.75

Rich Semolina and Light Syrup Cake
One of the Most Traditional...


Socolatina   $5.25

Chocolate Mousse Cake in Layers. The Favorite in any Greek Bakery.


Kombosta Me Yiaourti   $5.75

Mixed Apricots, Peaches, Dates, Figs and Pears in an Orange-Brown Sugar Syrup served with Yogurt sprinkled with Cinnamon.


Pagota   $3.25 - Vanilla with Sour Cherries: $4.25

Ice Cream: Vanilla - Chocolate - Spumoni


Frouta    Seasonal Price

Carefully Selected Fresh Fruit